How can i book a styling session?
You can buy a styling formula of your choice. Afterwards you'll receive a confirmation mail with a questionnaire link. Through that link you'll be able to reserve a date & time.

How do you know how to style me correctly?

In the confirmation mail, you'll find a link to a questionnaire where we ask you all kind of questions to know more about you, your style, your budget, your preferred brands, ... Based on the info on your body shape, hair & skin tones in combination with all the other info, we'll do our best to stay within your style for our advice but to surprise you with out-of-your-comfortzone looks at the same time! 

Why do you charge for styling sessions?

We are aware that retailers offer styling sessions for free. We offer styling sessions with a shape analysis upfront, a personal style guide and thorough advice on what to wear and why. Plus, with us you can discover new brands or surprising looks that you never expected. There is a lot of time and prep work going into this to make this a successful & great experience, so we hope you understand we have to charge the prices on the website for these personal sessions.

I'm scared that you'll style me in a fashion style that i don't like or that doesn't suit me.

In the questionnaire in the confirmation mail, after buying a styling formula, we ask you about your regular style & preferred brands. We take all of this into account when styling you. We don't want to make you another person or get you uncomfortable in your clothing. We want to advice you on what to wear best for your shape & skin/hair tones. We can make suggestions on specific outfits, but it's totally up to you if you want to go for it or not.

If i book a Reinvent Your Closet, does this mean i might have to throw away everything, or all things that aren't suitable for my shape?

Definitely not, we will not throw everything out. We only try to give you a direction and give you tips & tricks on what it is you could be wearing to maximize your body type. You can choose to put everything in boxes, throw it away or sell it- totally up to you.

What kind of styling formula is the right one for me?

If you're not comfortable to let someone style you in real life and in need of time- you can go for an Online Styling. Simple & fast in a 1h online call, where you'll review your Personal Style Guide and receive tips & tricks on what type of clothing to wear. Optionally, you can also receive a list with specific outfit recommendations, based on your preferences in our questionnaire.

If you want to give your closet a make-over, Reinvent Your Closet it for you. Based on your Personal Style guide, you'll get tips & tricks on what should be in your closet, what shouldn't be, and optionally get recommendations on outfits that should be in your closet!

If you like to be accompanied by a stylist on your shopping trip, go shopping with one! Start of by reviewing your Personal Style guide and go shopping afterwards, based on your shape, hair/skin tones and preferences (from the questionnaire).

If you don't have time and you don't want to leave the house but you want the full experience, Styling At Home is your thing! We give you the shape analysis, personal style guide explanation AND we shop for you. Decide what you want to buy or not!

Do you also offer styling formula's for men?

We do not currently offer styling sessions for Men. But we hope to expand to other genders in the future! For the time being we focus on women first.



A clothing items or size is sold out, will it come back in stock?

Too bad your preferred item is not available anymore. We try get new stock in of sold-out product items and sizes as soon as we can, but unfortunately this is not always possible. If an item should be available again, we'll let you know through our social channels & newsletters!

Next to the body shape analysis, do you also recommend which size i need to choose?  

Unfortunately, we only do analysis on body shapes for now. But don't worry, we are planning to also give a recommendation on what size is good for you in the future!

How do i know what size to buy?

For each product, we give a size table with more info on cm's and specific size information. We also try to indicate if an item is oversized or not and what size the model is wearing. Should you need more specific information, you are always welcome to contact us at hello@mycontourlab.com !
Do you also offer clothing for Men?
We hope in the near future to also sell clothing for other genders.



How can I place my order?

  • Place all the products in your shopping basket. Then go to your SHOPPING CART
  • Check your order if everything is correct. Then click CHECK OUT.
  • Enter your personal details here and click on SELECT SEND METHOD
  • Check your shipping method here and then click SELECT PAYMENT METHOD
  • Choose here which payment method you wish to use and then click on CHECK OUT
  • You will immediately receive an order confirmation in your mailbox as soon as the payment has been made. Please also check your SPAM! In your confirmation mail you'll find a link to the questionnaire for styling formula's. For all clothing orders, once we have shipped your order you will also receive a shipping confirmation. This indicated when you can expect your package.

I have not received an order confirmation, what should I do?

If the amount has been debited from your account, it may be that the e-mail ended up in your spam box. Always check this first! If you can not find it there, we’ll be happy to find it for you. Send an e-mail with a print screen of your payment to hello@mycontourlab.com 


I have subscribed for the newsletter but did not get my 10% discount code.

Normally you should receive a Welcome Newsletter that has a discount code for 10%. If you have not received this after a few minutes, try checking your spam. Normally you should find it there. If not, please send us a mail at hello@mycontourlab.com and we'll fix the code for you.

I have a discount code or gift card, how can I use it?

You can enter the discount code or gift card in the checkout during checkout. Click Apply and the discount will be settled. If there is a message that the gift card is not valid then it probably expired or was not entered correctly. For questions you can always contact us at hello@mycontourlab.com